Public safety and services


The City of Olathe provides top tier Police, Fire, and EMS services to keep our city safe and to respond when citizens have an emergency.  As our city continues to grow, supporting the needs of these departments will help Olathe continue to meet the demands of our residents, safely and efficiently.

Additionally, Olathe continues to provide high quality drinking water, sanitation services, and street maintenance. Prioritizing support of these services helps make our city safe for everyone.


As Olathe grows we must invest in the infrastructure needed to support additional development. Infrastructure investments, including technological advances that help reduce cost and extend useful life, will be key to delivering on the strategic plans Olathe has in place. The city's infrastructure covers a lot more than just transportation. It is the backbone that all city services require in order to be successful.  

Both our technology and physical infrastructure must be reliable to support uninterrupted services for our residents. Olathe citizens voted overwhelmingly for the Street Maintenance Program which will provide funds to keep our roads safe and in good condition. 

I will support projects that improve traffic flow throughout the city, such as the 119th and Woodland extension and the College Boulevard extension that were championed by Councilman Adam Mickelson during his time on the City Council.

Image of Olathe Emergency Command Center
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I will support efforts of the Olathe Chamber and the Convention and Visitors Bureau to attract businesses that improve the quality of life for Olathe residents. Encouraging residents to support local businesses keeps our sales tax dollars invested in Olathe.

Olathe residents enjoy a variety of programming, activities, trail systems and parks thanks to the efforts of our Parks & Recreation department and strong community support. There are many ways to be active in our community, and I look forward to supporting future development and maintenance of these efforts.


It's no secret that home prices continue to rise at a significant rate with new construction running about $650,000 and resales around $400,000.  Thoughtful development that is inline with the City's various Corridor Plans and UDO will ensure the correct balance of residential neighborhoods, commercial developments, and industrial/office space.

My priorities include ensuring homeowners build long-term property value, and also for Olathe to offer affordable housing for those looking to rent, purchase their first home, or live in one of our beautiful retirement communities. 

According to the Johnson County Appraiser, as of March 2023, Olathe has the largest number of homes under $150,000 in Johnson County making it one of the more affordable places to live in the area.

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Public and private education abounds in and around Olathe.  Our proximity to colleges and universities provides students numerous choices for higher education. In addition, the Olathe Public Schools 21st Century Academies provide technical training for high school students to gain skills needed to get a job in a variety of career paths.  

The Civic Leadership and Public Safety Academies are two great programs that train students to be qualified for positions with the City, Police Department, and Fire Department as soon as they graduate.  As staffing challenges continue, it is important to develop our own pipeline of top performers to lead our city into the future. Innovative businesses want to locate in Olathe because of the highly skilled labor force that chooses to reside in and near Olathe.


I want to make sure that we are getting the most value for the citizens of Olathe and will advocate specifically for Ward 2 improvement projects. 

We can, and will, invest in projects that are important to the success of Olathe in a responsible way without sacrificing the quality of services we have come to expect and enjoy. 

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The Olathe Chamber of Commerce & The Johnson County Public Policy Council held candidate forums for all positions. The video to the left is the forum for Ward 2 Olathe City Council.

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